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Hi, I am Vicens Fayos Web App Developer Expert

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I Language html5 web development
My Skills

I have been working for more than 14 years in IT and the media industry, focused exclusively in web development. It is my life and I love it. In all this time I learnt a huge amount of technologies that unfortunately are impossible to enumerate right now here.

I have been always focused on what I like: Creating beautiful and functional Web apps with purpose, using the most disruptive technologies and aiming to reach the best product with the best people and the best processes.

Management & Business Cases

I have proved experience as CTO and project manager for more than 4 years for the biggest advertising network in the world, BBDO as part of the Proximity crew, in addition to, as E-mail Consultant for the first eCommerce company in Spain on LetsBonus, an Amazon company. Further on, it is worth to mention that I have experience as technical consultant working for Accenture.

In these positions I achieved a bunch of succesful stories like successfully sending daily basis 8 millions Marketing emails, working with management to build CRM programs for blue chip companies like LaCaixa, Danone, Idageo and Mediamarkt and leading the whole technical implementation for Volkswagen and Audi of the Spain customer portal which was selected, later on, as worldwide portal technology standard.

Advertising & Gaming

More than 11 years of experience in the thrilling and demanding advertising & gaming industry. In all this time I learnt about management, technical processes and technologies but, even more important, I learnt working with experienced professionals which inspired me both professionally and personally.

After working for different studios and agencies I am a proudly owner of 37 international prizes from most prestigious awards contest like, Cannes, Echo, Sol

Some examples are: Eristoff night street view, Composing your life, The great Scape, Q5 Generis etc...

In gaming I had the honor of having joined Dark Orbit's team in Big Point GmbH, a global leading company in Free 2 play gaming industry.

Startup & entrepreneurship

I have spent the last 2 years working on the start-up scene. Taking part as Front-end developer in an innovative investing platform and, simultaneously, building a personal project: Data Look, a showcase of reusable data-driven projects for social good.

After a year of hard work, and together with an international team we made it happen: Data Look turned out in a successful initiative, being even invited to present it into TEDx.

Hit me up

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